Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Guest Bloggers

Guest Blogger: Elaine
Titled: Blogging "About" Vintage & Different Crochet Stitches Today

Found some great stitch's  online while I was browsing into the wee hours of the morning & ran into my favorite place for crochet stitches that many of which go way back in time (circa 1890-1900's) and are rewritten by Sandi Marshall.  I learned how to make the Crazy Stitch-or AKA Brick Stitch, which is the next stitch that I will use on my poncho that will be started tomorrow. There are no multiples needed, the stitch simply says chain the amount of stitches needed! Then there is the Diagonal Shell How To page that you can access there. This one is a multiple of 4+1. All the Diagonal Shell stitch photos on that page are copyright 1998 by Sandi Marshall, licensed to, Inc. Per copyright law, please do not redistribute, in any form. These how-to's are for your own personal use only Needlework and Copyright Law FAQ, US Gov. Copyright Website FAQ, Copyright Myths Explained .

Lastly I want to mention the Roll or Bullion stitch How-To featured there. This is a circa 1900  stitch. It will take more yarn to do, but I believe you will like it so much that you will decide it is  worth it. I have tried to pick out stitches that are decidedly different & certainly not the usual how-to stitch guide, no slip stitch, sc, dc or trbl! These unusual stitches all look like fun & stitches that could replace regular stitches used on any number of your patterns for a nice change of pace.
Elaine in n.nv

Guest Blogger: Sandy

I have started, but not finished, a crocheted purse. Need to visit a nearby yarn store where stones are sold. These stones have holes so that they may be sewn to the purse. Then the purse will be finished. Just finished a baby afghan last night for a friend's baby. Have put my personal afghan on hold - actually I failed to purchase enough yarn. My daughter keeps saying that my fiber stash is too large. She keeps thinking of items for me to crochet. Have a wonderful week, Dee.


weissmaus said...

Hi, Elaine,
What a coincidence! The blog for Feb. 20 at talks a little about the history of the roll stitch. Laura

crochetwithdee said...

Readers, Here's the link to the AnniesAttic blog entry mentioning the history of the Rice Stitch (also known as the Roll or Bullion Stitch).