Thursday, February 9, 2006

Pop-Quiz: Think FAST!!

OK, so when your dinner catches fire, do you:

a. run around screaming fire! Fire!
b. grab the fire extinguisher and douse the fire?
c. ignore important documents and think only of getting everyone outside safely and how you're going to rescue your entire yarn stash?
d. think "gee, maybe now I can start thinking about having an entire room for storing my vast yarn collection once the new house is built."

                                 heh heh heh

Yes, there was a fire here -- my toaster oven, my NEW toaster oven, roared flames at me through it's glass doors just moments after turning it on.  I opted to throw a 5-pound bag of flour at it.  That worked!  Fire gone!  Then threw the toaster oven outside -- just in case.

But I will confess that my answer to the pop quiz above was "e" ... "all of the above."


See, now if this isn't a great reason for crocheters NOT to cook, then what is?  If I had ordered Chinese, then I'd still be working on my freeform jean jacket instead of cleaning up a massive amount of flour.  ;)

Disclaimer:  Real food, toaster oven, and Dee's arm was actually damaged/hurt during this escapade.  No other human, or yarn fibers were damaged.  There will be no reenactment offered.  Dee was NOT crocheting when the actual fire broke out. Dee couldn't locate the fire extinguisher thus the flour substitution. Dee is hoping her brother, the professional fireman, does not read this journal entry. And finally -- don't use a toaster oven to warm up taco shells.  Humph.

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