Monday, June 14, 2010


I am a total wimp when it comes to eating apples. I'm not as bad with apples as I am with tomatoes, but I am bad enough that I will forgo eating apples unless someone has confirmed for me that the apple I am interested in is both sweet AND crunchy. No, this apple wimp does not eat soggy apples. ((shudders at the thought!))

Fortunately for me, I have surrounded myself with apple lovers who don't care if an apple is crunchy or if it's soggy; but they will confirm for me when there is an apple to my liking. "An apple is an apple," so they say as they bite into the fruit.

So if an apple is an apple, how do they explain this? I'm enjoying this granny smith apple (see image on right) right now -- without their consultation of if it is either crunchy or soggy. In fact, I'm finding this fruity-lishious apple downright sa-weet!!

... and soon to be in season, year round. I say, let the apple picking season begin!

More info on this new yarn line to come! ((A big thanks to ______ for providing this "apple" for me to taste try.))

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