Sunday, June 13, 2010

Supporting Our Designers

If you are a member of the Doris Chan's Ravelry group, Everyday Crochet, then there is a good chance you've already read the discussion of my 3 recently completed projects: The Ling Collar, from Doris' new book, "Crochet Lace Innovations: 20 Dazzling Designs in Broomstick, Hairpin, Tunisian, and Exploded Lace". Since there are three of them, perhaps with more to come, I am calling my Ling Collar Collection The Ling Dynasty.

I have found huge two problems with this project:

  1. The pattern is addictive. Yes, VERY addictive!

    While I type this blog entry I am fighting the urge to start another due to time constraints. I am, however, seriously thinking of putting the yarn & hook together to be ready for the next time I'll be dashing out the door to some activity/event that will give me time to crochet...
  2. As I am wearing the collars around to various events/functions & also discussing them online, I find I am being asked repeatedly "for a copy" of this pattern!
This is a serious problem. Not just for Doris' work, but for all crochet publications. Although I've discussed the importance of honoring copyrights to those who ask for copies, several people have replied, " who would know, Dee, if you slipped me a copy?" and "Come on, Dee, I can't afford the book right now, would you mind making a copy from your book?"

It is important that we need to support our designers; where would we be without them? Did you know that ownership of a work/book does not imply ownership of copyright? This means just because I own the book, I do not have the right to distribute the contents.

What I suggest you do:

  1. If you cannot afford the book then ask your local library to get it for you! If you keep asking your library for crochet books, then there is a good chance they'll start stocking them. At the very least, they can borrow them from other libraries.

    As a side note, if you CAN afford the books, if you're finished with it and think you'll no longer be needing it, consider DONATING it to your local library -- or purchase two and donate one -- so others can benefit from it. ((I recently donated a duplicate copy of Margaret Hubert's new book, "The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet: *All You Need to Know to Crochet *The Essential Reference for Novice and Expert Crocheters *Comprehensive Guide to ... Charts, and Photos for 200 Stitch Patterns" to my local library and it's already in heavy circulation!))
  2. If your local library cannot get the book you are intersted in, AND if you are a member of the CGOA, consider checking to see if it is available in the Linda Sauter Library.

I think it is important we show our support of our crochet designers by honoring copyright laws, by buying the material, or by borrowing it though legal means. If we stop copyright infringment, this will incourage our favorite designers to continue creating new designs for us to become addicted to. :)

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Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

It awful when people try to take advantage! Thanks for keeping your vigil on this topic - so many are not knowledgable on this subject. Can't wait to see you and yours at the conference in 4 WEEKS!