Monday, August 20, 2007

Tag! I'm "it"

Back in May, my mentee, Jennifer, tagged me to list seven random facts/habits about myself.  Since I rarely go off-topic here, I thought I would this one time because this would give you, my readers, a little insight about who I am -- that I'm not totally ALL about crochet.

OK ... Let's see if I can do this un-crochet related ... lol

1. I don't fear tomatoes, I just greatly dislike the way their "innards" feel ... raw or cooked. I don't eat them either -- unless they're made into spaghetti sauce; no big tomato chunks allowed. Ketchup is out too. I searched online to see if my dislike of tomatoes could be considered a phobia, but apparently there isn't an official name for disliking how a particular type of food feels. Cibophobia, Sitophobia and Sitiophobia are various names for fear of food, but again, I don't fear the tomato. I just dislike the way it feels.

2. I'm a "Harley Davidson" girl ... I love going on long country rides with my hubby and stopping for an ice cream cone on hot summer days. Of course were I to have a fear of tomatoes, it would really take away from the "tough motorcycle momma" image I'm trying to paint for you all, now wouldn't it? The sad part about it is that in a few years, when we'll be returning to those free-riding days, Marcus Dairy, a local hot spot for riders to gather on lazy Sunday afternoons, will be gone.Dee as a Simpson  No, I've never crocheted while riding; I've always been too busy hanging on for dear life. Should hubby invest in a back & arm rest for the seat, I might consider it.

3. I turn magazines around while waiting in checkout lines. I do this because I have a low tolerance for constant "sex" topics/images being pushed into my face, as well as my children's. When I do purchase magazines, I like to flip the pages from back to front. I'm not sure why I do this, I just know it's my preference. Maybe it has something to do with my dislike of tomatoes? (I'm kidding!)

4. My first real lesson of learning what jealously is was during a ballet recital when I was a youngster. Because I was petite I had to be a rabbit in Snow White's forest -- my best friend got to be the bear because she was tall; I sooooo wanted to be the bear!  Hmmm, I think I might still be harboring some jealously there. (Again, I'm kidding!  I SO got over that -- like last year!?)    And yes, we're still friends. :)

5. I kept two of my wisdom teeth -- after they were pulled out. I think they're pretty cool looking. I had to watch the dentist pull out my daughter's front teeth; although I felt horrible for my daughter to have to go through this, I didn't get squeamish at all. If I lived a prior life, I wonder if perhaps I was a dentist?

6. I've lived in many parts of the United States. Last year I took one of those online quizzes that tries to tell you where you're from, but even it couldn't decipher definitely which part of the country I should be labeled from ... I'm one of those charming southern-yankee-midwestern-valley girls. Totally.

7. I love snow. I love watching it fall peacefully from the sky. I love playing in it. I love the way it clings to trees and blankets the earth. I love the way the sun glistens on it's crystals. I hope to return to the ski slopes -- I won't be able to ski as aggressively as I once did, but that's OK. The scenery while sliding down the mountain on two slippery sticks is a fantastic way to take in the beauty at any pace.  My favorite area to go skiing is Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

There, I did it!  Is it everything you ever wanted to know about me?  {VBG}

OK, enough for now.  I'm organizing my yarn stash today; the kids are keeping a close eye on me to ensure I don't get lost in it.  So back to work I go.  In the meantime, if you're a blogger, consider yourself tagged!   ;)

Thanks for the tagging Jennifer!  This was fun!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, what do you mean you're not totally ALL about crochet?  LOL!

Thank you for the deep insight into yourself, Dee.  Nice to see another aspect of you :).

As for the tagging, well.....we'll see................ ;)


PS  Yes, would LOVE to help kick off the "60 in 60 Challenge" with you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Dee!!

And I too do not like the feel of the insides of tomatos.........ewwwwwwwww!