Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going for the Guinness World Record

I have long awaited for the day my Mr. Dee would know more than just the lingo of crochet; I was waiting for the day he would actually try crocheting -- even for 15 minutes ....

Yesterday was to have been that day.

Mini~Dee helps set the Guinness World RecordWe arrived early at Citi Field, the new home of the Mets baseball team, where the 4th Annual Stitch n'Pitch was to take place. We were there as volunteers to help the attempt at making Guinness World Record for Most People Crocheting in One Place to go off without a hitch.

At first Mini~Dee and I were assigned to one of the two tables to get people to sign-in, while also handing out the special crochet hooks, yarn, and totes to the participants. We made a great team, breezing people through as quickly as possible to meet the tight timeline.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dee and Dee Jr. were assigned to be Ushers, helping the participants go to the designated area & get settled in. At one point a couple was confused as to where to go, so Dee Jr. said, "Crocheting is up this staircase." The man turned to the woman he was with and said, "See, this man is helpful. I like him!" ... (okay, so calling an eleven-year-old a man is a bit much, but Dee Jr. did like being called helpful.)
Libby of TNNA, Mary Beth Temple, Lily Chin and Stacy Charles
After everyone was seated Mr. Dee and I were asked to be Official Witnesses. This meant no crocheting for us; we were there to help count everyone crocheting! With Dee Jr. looking on, acting as a "runner," my Mini~Dee got to participate (pictured above) as one of the reported 426 people, along with Debra Norville from the television show, Inside Edition, who helped set the World Record!!! That's right, we did it!! Whoot! Whoot! (and yes, Debra will be going onto my list of Famous Crocheters.)

And it also seems our good fortune rubbed off on the Mets, with them winning 6-1 over the Marlins. :)

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For those who were inquiring @ Citi Field:

1. the yarn my Mini~Dee was using was Jelly Yarn. You can find it here:
2. my wooden crochet hook was made by Grafton Fibers. You can find it here:
3. the pattern I was working up is featured in Doris Chan's 3rd book called, "Crochet Lace Innovations." ((I've found the Ling Collar works up great in several different types of yarn!)

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