Friday, February 29, 2008

Springing back into Winter

Signs of SpringI'm one of those folks who keeps an eye on  neighborhood plants, shrubs and trees.  I'm always looking to see if I can spot the first sign of spring.  And sure enough I have.  On my neighbor's hickory tree there are buds, and the early blossoming bushes (yellow flowers, don't recall their official name) branches have started browning, a stark difference from the grey branches they've been all winter season. And then there's this -- Tiger Lily's roaring to get spring going! (see picture on right)

So what is the problem? Spring has evidently sprung early, but someone forgot to tell old man Winter as he's scheduled to stop by later today with over a half a foot of snow! And I need provisions!!  Lots of provisions!!  Forget about joining the crowds at the local grocer!  To survive comfortably through this snow storm I'm going to need YARN!!  And lots of it!!  I'm going to have to rush out to my nearest yarn shop and stock up!!  :)

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Anonymous said...

I think you are talking about forsythia - I've noticed they are turning brownish-yellow too!