Saturday, March 1, 2008

Guest Blogger: Mini~Dee

Hi, it's Mini~Dee.  I'm blogging today so mom can get the materials ready for the library display we'll be working on later today.  The display is part of our crochet club's* celebration for National Crochet Month that starts today. Mom said the display will have antique crochet pieces and modern stuff too.  Then we'll donate some crochet books.  It will be fun helping her put the display together.

I'll be celebrating National Crochet Month too. I think my mom wrote about how together we'll be offering lessons to parents & kids at our local library for three months.  But what she didn't tell you is now there's even more to celebrate!  Yesterday my school principle asked me to consider creating an after school crochet club!   And I'm going to do it!  It will be like the "Coffee, Crochet & Chat" sessions my mom goes to every month, only this one will be for the kids in my school, and we won't be drinking coffee.  I think we'll do juice and cookies instead.  Even my brother, Dee Jr., is excited about this.  I'm going to invite the kids that know how to knit too.  My mom said that as a group we could even consider working on something for charity.  I think it will be a lot of fun and can't wait to design the flyer to hand out to my classmates. 

How are you going to celebrate National Crochet Month?

* I am the youngest member of my CGOA Chapter, The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mini~Dee!  

My BCG (best-crochet-girlfriend) sent me a link to your post.  Well, actually, she said she almost fell off her chair when she read it and HAD to send it to's why....

I'm a writer, and I'm currently writing a series about middle school girls WHO CROCHET (oh, and solve a lot of problems in their lives along the way!).

My main character is starting a crochet club -- she's 13 years old, and has just moved to San Diego (by the beach!!!).

Your post really excited me and I hope you'll post more and share your experiences, which would be soooooooooooooo helpful for me -- and, if you're interested in e-mailing me from time to time, well, that would be great too.  My e-mail is mail @ janetwelllington . com (without all the spaces, of course, but some blogs mess up e-mail addresses).  Oh, and your mom can check me out (you too) at my website which is www. janetwellington .com.

Anyway, I'm just so excited to "meet" someone who is doing what my characters are doing!

Chain on!
Janet Wellington

Anonymous said...

Hi Mini~Dee,
Great post.  I love to read what you and your mom are up to in the crochet world.  Congratulations on starting a crochet club!  I'll bet it will be lots of fun.
Please post now and then about what your club is doing.     Jane

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mini Dee!  I wish you much success with your new club and hope you will keep us updated on it!

Love and hugs,