Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fooled, and it's not even April yet!

I taught a private crochet lesson yesterday.  Prior to starting the lesson I bumped into a knitting teacher I know.  "Hey Dee, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing great!  Want to see my knitting progress," I asked back.


I tossed my "knitted" hat to her. She examined it closely. "Wow, Dee! This looks great! You really coming with along nicely with your knitting!"

"Thanks," I said with a huge grin. "It's 100% crocheted!"

"Crocheted," she asked back, a bit startled and confused.  "But how?"

"It's a new (to me) crochet technique I'm playing around with."

"Oh, you fooled me, Dee, shame on you!" And with that she playfully hit me with my own hat.

If I can fool a knitting teacher with this technique, then who might be next? 
Wha ha ha ha ha ha!


Anonymous said...

You are very devoted to your craft! Crochet is also my passion. you do awesome work!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!  I bet you're a lot of fun to go out in public with!  

The more I see pics of this hat, the more I love it and want to try making it.  Sure hope a pattern for it comes out soon!

Love and hugs, ya crazy woman!