Sunday, February 3, 2008


With Mini~Dee, I joined my friend Grace and her grand-daughter for a crochet adventure. crochet hooks & supplies as far as the eye could see! We decided to take a trip to Sturbridge, MA, to visit the Wrights store and see what they had available for crochet supplies.  We were NOT disappointed!  We had a great time picking out a variety of supplies!

My favorite moment while shopping was meeting two crocheters discussing which sized crochet hook they should use for a planned baby blanket one of them would be creating using the afghan stitch.*  Look for Dee's patterns in 'Big Hook Crochet'(The Afghan Stitch is another way to reference the Tunisian Crochet technique.)

Since they seemed unsure, I decided to see if I could assist them.  I politely interrupted, suggesting to go with a larger Tunisian crochet hook since it would soften the drape.  At this point the friends separated; one went off to do some more shopping while the other remained with me to discuss the various crochet hooks they had available.  I sensed she wasn't grasping the concept of bumping up the hook size to soften the drape, so I said to her I'd be right back. 

I left her for a moment and went back into another section of the store, grabbing the book, "Big-Hook Crochet," and went back to where she was waiting.  I turned tothe Boudoir Elegance Pillow pattern and showed her the size of crochet hook I used to design the project.

She said, "Wait a minute!  YOU designed this?!!"Boudoir Elegance Pillow by Dee Stanziano

"Yes," I replied.

"Wait right here!!" and with that she was dashing through the store to bring her friend back to rejoin our conversation.

She took the book out of my hands and showed it to her friend exclaiming, "Look!  See this," pointing to the picture and then to my name printed above it, "that's her!!  She's a crochet designer!!"

At that point the friend got very excited too.  What could I do but smile and feel a little bit like a rock star celebrity?  {VBG}

At this point Grace had come over and joined in our conversation.  We soon discovered they're from Connecticut too and invited them to join our CGOA Chapter for a meeting some time, at which they both exclaimed in unison, "there are Chapters?!!!"  Grace and I then enjoyed telling them about the CGOA, about our Chapter, and also mentioned that there is going to be a huge Crochet Conference in Manchester come July. 

I think if there was room to do so, these lovely ladies would have done cartwheels -- they were overjoyed to hear of such wonderful things going on in the crochet world!  I gave them my business card and encouraged them to contact me for more information. I hope they do!  :)

Have you ever met a Crochet Designer in a store by pure chance?  If so, please share your story!

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to vote "I don't know", because I'm not sure if my grandmothers ever designed anything.  But for the sake of an answer, NO, I haven't met any crochet designers.  At least, not yet! ;).

Hugs and love,

PS  I love it when you write about your excursions.  :)  Did you manage to convince them to buy the larger hook?