Monday, February 11, 2008

The Wood that Could ...

... not only inspire me, but also caused some "ohh's" and "ahh's" by all ages: I'm talking about the new book, Creative Crochet Lace: A Freeform Look at Classic Crochet by Myra Wood. 

Crochet, being one of the last remaining fiber art forms that must be made entirely by hand, allows the crocheter to create rhythmic stitching, like spring water babbling in a brook, Creative Crochet Lace: A Freeform Look at Classic Crocheteach yarn over bringing tranquil motions of inspiration.

And, I think, because of the freedom crochet offers from traditional crochet rules, just like the water in the babbling brook, we can choose to change the flow, to change the rules as we see fit.  We can do so by changing the hook, the stitch, the direction, the dimension, even the fiber anywhere in our work.  And when we shift our crochet hooks into AWD (all wheel drive) and take our crochet into unmapped territory, that is when true individual creativity blossoms around the babbling brook of our crochet work!  And it's called Freeform Crochet.

In Myra's new book, she offers five methods of learning how to create stunning freeform crochet lace! She calls them:  Funky Filet, Tossed Salad Style, Wild Irish Crochet, Doodle Lace, and Organic Lace Scrumbling.  Each offering immediate results to get you started in off-roading your crochet stitches.  The beauty behind each technique is that although you are freeforming, Myra provides enough directions that one could consider them a "GPS" (Global Positioning System) so those just starting out won't feel lost. 

The projects are inspirational too; I already have some project concepts floating around in my head using her "Doodle Lace" technique.  But don't just take my word for it.  My children have been hogging the book, taking it to school to show it off to their classmates!  They've NEVER done that before!  They point to Myra's work, then flip to the back and show all the beautiful works by other freeform artists in the Gallery.   They get a kick out of showing their classmates what yarn, what crochet, can do.  I love that!

And then, once I got the book back from my children, I brought it to my monthly CGOA Chapter meeting and passed it around.  All those that flipped through the pages felt as inspired as I did when they looked at it, and planned to order it immediately.  

Currently Myra's book is available through
Amazon.  OR if you'd like to have your copy autographed, you can order it directly through Myra by visiting her website at  Either way, I highly recommend this book for those interested in taking their crochet on new journeys, in the land of freeform!  :)

Note: for those on a budget, consider checking with your local library to see if they have it available for loan.  It's a brand new book, so if they don't, consider asking them to order it for availability to their patrons.


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