Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthday Week Extravaganza

Today is the official start of my Birthday Week Extravaganza, and what better way is there to kick it off than to go yarn shopping and save over $13,000????

Back in January, when I described my elation of creating two hats with 100% crochet stitches that had the appearance of knit stitches, I mentioned that Bernat's SOY is quite yummy to work with; what I forgot to mention on that day, is that I've added this yarn to my "love" list.  So when I got a call saying it was on sale, I did what comes natural to humans: I hunted & gathered, to the tune of 36 skeins!  And, adding it up along with a few other brand skeins, I ended up purchasing some 45 skeins of yarn.  (Not that I needed it, but I am, after all, celebrating my birthday this week!)  Total bill came to about $150. Not bad I say.

Yes, I've severely broken my fiber diet. So, how to justify it.  Here are some of my thoughts:
  • It's yarn.  Since it doesn't have an expiration date on it, it won't go bad.
  • It's extra insolation to help lower the winter heating bill.
  • I'm doing my part in saving the world by going "green" by using natural fibers.  (Nothing like this ((yet!!)), but still ... )
  • I'm also doing my part to help head off the national recession by pumping cash into the economy.
  • And, I saved  some $13,800 by not purchasing 45 balls of THIS yarn, retailing at $310 per ball (possibly the world's most expensive!!).  Need I say more?  LOL

  • As I will be spending the week celebrating my birthday by hanging out with my family, I will be popping in & out of my blog from time to time. To keep with tradition here at CrochetingWithDee, I would like to invite you to join in my celebration by considering writing a blog entry for me this week. The topic: If I could afford yarn at $310 a ball, I would crochet ..."


    Anonymous said...

    Happy Birthday to you!!  Happy Birthday to you!....Haappy Birthday to youououou!

    Anonymous said...

    OHHHH!!!!!!!!! I love the soy yarn too!!!

    Now, to think about what I would make with a $310 ball of yarn????

    Jennifer/Jaybird Designs

    Anonymous said...

    Happy Birthday!  Have a fun day!

    Hmm....$310 per ball of yarn.  I think I would crochet a lacy shawl that I could wear for special occasions.  I was also thinking of a special sassy sweater or winter hat & scarf combo.  I think I would have to see and feel the yarn and then be inspired at the time to truly know.  :)

    Anonymous said...

    Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo...oh wait...wrong person!  hahahahaha!

    Hmmmmm....what would I crochet if I could afford a $350 ball of yarn?  Hats for charity probably.  Why?  Because everyone should have a little luxury item that makes them feel good about themselves, no matter what their life situation.  

    Love the list of justification for going off of your "diet".  You know they say a diet that is high in fiber is good for you! ;)

    Love and hugs,

    Anonymous said...

    If I could afford yarn at $310 a ball, I would crochet a beautiful shawl.  

    I would also have time to crochet all day long as there would be some sort of rich husband, trust fund or inheritance behind me being able to afford that, thus I wouldn't need to work at all!  (And have a nanny to watch the kids...)

    And a Very Happy Birthday to you Dee!

    Toronto, Canada
    ravelry nick: maggiemum