Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sounds Like Dee Learned a Valuable Lesson

The meeting with the publisher went well yesterday, and this means that I'll be having fun creating more new designs.  As I toyed with a design concept the other night, I learned something about myself:  I can crochet nearly anywhere, nearly anytime.  But this is not true when I'm attempting to design something!

There I was, sitting next to Mr. Dee, with hook and fiber in hand.  Beside me were my hand-drawn concepts ready to become a possible fiber reality; next to Mr. Dee was the television remote.  As I was attempting to design a special project, he was getting into watching the World Series.

Normally listening to the television in the late evening hours is not a problem when I'm crocheting.  The sound emitting from the television is as much as a distraction as one would could say the color of the paint on the walls is.  It's a non-issue; it doesn't invade upon my creative process.

But on that night it did.  The constant cheering/roaring from the crowd, the crack of the bat, and the yelling by the announcers was a distraction.  It was such a distraction that I eventually had to put my work down until control over the television remote was relinquished.  Once the programming channel was changed the creative thoughts returned; I was once again happily crocheting my concept.

"...passion encourages knowledge, but skill develops only with patience."
          ~Annie Modesitt, Hooked A Crocheters Stash of Wit and Wisdom

On that night I learned that I apparently like the roller coaster (up & down) sounds stemming from "story" programming over that of the continuous spaceship launch roaring coming from sport channels when I'm designing.  When I'm crocheting "mindlessly" it's not an issue.  When I'm designing it is.  Has this ever happened to you?

Hmmm.  I guess Mom was right all those years ago when I was a child; she'd warn me that it's difficult to concentrate on homework when you are sitting directly in front of the TV.   ;-)

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