Friday, October 6, 2006

Question From Reader: Can I Bid too?


Wendy asked: "Where's the school? When is the auction? I would seriously love to own that denim jacket. And I seriously can't believe you're giving it up, even for such a good cause."

Wendy, you're not alone in wanting a chance to own my Blue Ribbon winning freeform denim jacket! There has been a lot of interest in people outside of the school community who have seen the jacket ... and want to bid on it! ... so much so that I decided to talk to the school officials & event organizers and see what can be done to allow outside bids. 

I am delighted to report that the school has decided it will open the bidding to those unable to make the event! Since the auction is next weekend, they will email me with the specifics on how you can place your bid.  This is the plan thus far:Dee's Blue Ribbon winning Freeform Jacket is going up for auction!
   * Your bid would be a "sealed bid." 
   * Your bid would contain the item number, in this case it's item #409 titled "Crocheted (Free-Form) Appliquéd Denim Jacket"
   * Your name & contact info would be on your bid.

Now, to keep it a legal & binding bid, they're working on a process on how to do that (your signature would be required to make it legal).  They said they'd email me the information on how to legally submit your bid, so please stay tuned.  I'll announce it here on my blog just as soon as I know. 

The value placed on this piece is $300 so they'll be opening the bid at $180.

Why would I donate my denim jacket?  It was slated for donation the moment I saw the jacket sitting on the rack at the store -- as it jumped into my hands whispering "buy me and adorn me with freeform for a worthwhile cause" -- I knew.  I knew as I purchased the delicious designer fibers I worked with, and with each stitch I created.  Which cause it would be for?  That I didn't know.  I decided to wait until the cause presented itself and the school was the first to ask.

Some interesting facts about the jacket:  There are little additions I added to the jacket to give it special meaning. 
    * A dragonfly:  dragonflies represent light and fun.  It's with maturity that their true, almost jewel like, colors develop.  It is said that the dragonfly inspires our creativity, especially when light reflects off of their iridescent green and blue wings.  I like to think of it as adding a bit of *fairy dust* for good luck to the wearer.  
    * Flowers:  flowers are always a great addition to freeform work.  The jacket has a few (one crocheted, and some flower beads) because dragonflies love to flutter to them.  As the new owner wears the jacket, there is no doubt in my mind that people will flutter over and inquire about the piece.  Perhaps this will bring about new friendships to the wearer?this freeform piece was created for Mel in 2005
     * A mirror:  mirrors to me mean an opportunity to reflect.  Although the mirror is tiny, it is placed on the back of the jacket.  This is so the wearer can always reflect upon the past (perhaps using some of that fun energy from the dragonfly).  I've added tiny mirrors to my freeform work in the past and liked the effect.  I'm thinking this may become my "signature" in my freeform work.

Once I know more about the bidding process, I'll post it along with some close-up images of the jacket.

Great questions Wendy!  Thank you!  :)


Anonymous said...


One more question--what size is the jacket?


Anonymous said...

It's a size Large.

Anonymous said...

I think it's an awesome idea to donate your prize winning free form jacket! I hope it raises lots of money for your daughters school!! ~Christy