Monday, October 9, 2006

"Um, Mom? Where's Susan's head?"

       ... Good question!  LOL

I've heard of the Headless Horseman, especially with it being Halloween season and all -- but a headless crochet hook?!

The collection of crochet hooks pictured on the right was in a goody bag from yesterday's Workshop.  Nope, the hook is not turned around showing us her "back side" and the packaging has not been tampered with.  There's simply no head on the pink crochet hook! 

I'll be contacting Coats & Clark and asking for a replacement; afterall I don't need my daughter having horrible nightmares about not being able to crochet because her crochet hook is headless!  ((Really though, isn't that what all crocheters fear most??))

I'm still working on the pictures from yesterday's  Workshop that I attended.  While we're waiting for me to finish resizing them, correcting the color (the room is horrible for photos!) and such, I thought I'd provide a sneak-peak at the prize from my last contest: A Bernat afghan crochet kit!

Congratulations to Sherri, and a big thank you to all that participated!  :)

Don't worry if you didn't have a chance to participate, or if you didn't win as there will be another contest coming up.  Keep checking back for an announcement!

Until then, if you see Susan Bate's head, watch out!  The ghost of the Hessian trooper from the American Revolutionary War might not be far behind.   Whoooooooo!   

((If I had my way, I'd have a Hero Crochet hook riding in to save the day -- but that might be a bit much, especially if it also needed to be a Boye!))  ... Sorry; I couldn't resist!  LOL


Anonymous said...

And tonight on The History Channel's "History's Lost and Found"....Marie Antoinette's crochet hook.....

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Beautiful afghan pattern!  Congrats, again, Sherri!

Hugs and love and happy dreams to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Dee - you should send the "Dawgs" out looking for it!! LOL  Sorry, but that's what you get when you "pitch underhand"!  Hope MiniDee gets her replacement soon!  Can't wait for the next contest - Miss you!!  Haley