Thursday, October 5, 2006

Seriously, what's your crochet passion?

There are three items I'll be donating to the school fund raising auction for next weekend:  a baby sweater in a black & white color theme, my freeform denim jacket I won a Blue Ribbon for this past summer, and a hat & scarf set created for a girl ranging from age 8 to 11.

The sweater is one I created a long while ago.  In 2004 I think.  It was a prototype for a sweater workshop we created for our Connecticut CGOA Chapter.  In looking at my online photos it appears I never took a picture of it.  I'll have to remedy that as it's really cute if I do say so myself!

The denim jacket I've shown here before.  But before I can turn it over for auction I need to do some mini-repairs.  It was really "handled" at the recent NYC Knit Out & Crochet Too event it was displayed at.  I don't know why people have to pull on someone's work "to see how it's attached."  Seriously, I would never think to do such an act! 

I'm thinking that sewing in more beads will help reinforce the "handled" areas while the extra beads will add more appeal to the jacket.

Finally, I just finished the scarf & pony cap set for the auction -- it's seriously "hot off the hook!"  It's listed on the auction as "Diva in Training." At first I wasn't too crazy with the way the project was taking shape; I had a difficult time getting inspired in designing it.  It had to be warm and easy to care for -- after all it is for a child!  I just couldn't "get into it" working it up and finally, after taking a look at what pleases me so much with crochet, decided the problem was with the hat.  It was created with all double crochet stitches; way too simple, imho, to match the texture of the scarf.  So I frogged the entire project and started again.  This time both pieces were worked up entirely with the Alternate Stitch and I was pleased with the outcome.

Now, as I begin tagging all my items with my new logo and with the washing instructions, I wonder how many others, who are just as passionate about crochet as I am, ever question what it is that makes a project appealing for them.  Some love working with thread, wire or yarn, while others enjoy working solely with a particular crochet technique.  I enjoy all aspects of crochet but think my inner passion for it lays with texture and fine finishing details the hook can produce.  What's your crochet passion?

[Alternate Stitch: also known as the Up Down Stitch.  Alternate between sc and dc stitches.  In rows to follow, dc sts go into sc sts, and sc sts go into the dc sts.]

Oh, my apologies for the "seriously's" ... I'm looking forward to watching Grey's Anatomy tonight.  :)


Anonymous said...

Where's the school?  When is the auction?  I would seriously love to own that denim jacket.  And I seriously can't believe you're giving it up, even for such a good cause.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning what the "Alternate Stitch" consists of!  I learn something new every day!

Love the scarf and hat!!!

Hugs and love,