Sunday, October 8, 2006

Loose Ends Tied Up

So -- it's been a very fiber-filled weekend for me -- from working on adding more bead work to the freeform jacket to attending a workshop today which marked my groups' 5th Year Anniversary!  (more on that topic tomorrow when I can add the photos)  I do hope your weekend was just as fun!

Here's what I have planned for tonight:  I want tie up the loose ends and announce who the winner was from the latest contest we had here at CrochetWithDee (did you think I forgot?)

Excellent plan, yes?  But first, before I do announce the winner let me give a little bit of background 411, and then some updated news, and then, of course, announce the winner.

Rewinding:  The 411
At the recent Knit Out & Crochet Too! event I assisted Guido by introducing him to the who's who in the crochet world and the KOC2 event.  Even though my interview portion didn't make it into the podcast, a snippet of my voice did.  The contest was who would be the first to identify what I said.

Reality set in.  It was hard to tell if the sentence was in singular form or plural, so I had to wait for hubby, "Mr. Dee," to have time to listen for himself and make the call.  He wasn't able to make a clear determination so he made the decision based upon my rules -- and we'll be going with his judging to keep the contest fair.  ...again, we'll all have to wait until the end of this blog entry to learn of the outcome.

Impatience won't reveal the answer any faster!  Hopefully you weren't thinking of scrolling down to the bottom to find out, were you?  Nah, that won't work either!  {{insert evil laugh here}}

What I was lucky to have done this weekend was to read a few emails rather quickly.  In doing so, I learned that Guido has been in touch with his "inner crocheter" -- that's so awesome!  He said it was Kim Werker of CrochetMe, who is currently on a book tour, that helped him.  I'm delighted to hear the Purlman is stitchin' with a crochet hook!  Guido, I want to see some crochet creations & hear about them in your next podcast!!

OK, so that's about it then.  Guido is crocheting, Mr. Dee decided who the contest winner is, and I'll be back tomorrow with details about today's Workshop I attended.

Now I'm off to go work on some Chemo hats --- what?  Oh, the winner?  Yes, yes, I did promise to reveal the winner, didn't I???  Would it be mean of me to state that I already have?  Yes, that's right, I snuck the answer in!  If you missed it, then go back to each paragraph.  The hint is in the first letter of the paragraphs.  Winner: please email me when you've figured it out.  {{grins}}  Congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

Ok I do believe you mean me :) I hope so or Im being very foolish! Sherri

Anonymous said...

LMBO!!!  Dee, you're a big tease!  Even though I didn't enter, I love the way you presented this.  

Congrats to the winner!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it Sherri won? Congrats to her!