Saturday, July 8, 2006

Getting Prepared ... 89 hours & counting down ...

In preparing for the Conference, I've cleaned out my crochet kit and restocked it with most of the items I'll be needing -- and with a few things not required, but in my opinion always good to have on hand. What do you think those items could be?

Let's first note that the bag my crochet hooks are in happens to be an extended version of the free Treasure Bags pattern featured on my website,  The larger blue bag was crocheted holding two strands of size 10 thread together following Pauline Turners pattern featured in her book, How to Crocheticon (If you opt to make the bag too, please note that I changed the edging, and the handles.)  I've been using the bag for two years and it's really holding up well!  The little blue bag that is visible in the crochet case is a combo of crochet & knit.  On the inside flap I keep a few safety pins for cases of emergency, and inside the bag are some buttons.

icon The plastic case you see there is actually a cosmetic case I picked up at a local store.  I like it because I can see the contents from the outside and inside of the bag.  This makes finding crochet tools a snap!

Some of the items I usually tote around in it:
         * paper clips (those are the large "button" looking things you see there.  They're great for holding book pages in place.
        Copy Holder * chap stick & gum.  There are times I want these things but don't want to get up to go fishing for them, so having them in the bag saves me time.
          * beads & beading needles.  These are for those times when you want to add a touch of creativity to a particular work.  Having them in the kit means I'm ready for when creativity strikes!
         * pen & paper.  Great for quick note taking, or for passing along information to other crocheters (& knitters too!)
         * tape measurers and gauge markers -- those are always a necessity.
         * I think one of my most favorite tools I keep in the bag is a copy holder -- similar to the one pictured on the right.  I like using it when I take classes as it holds the class materials up so when I look up from my work, it's right in front of me.  The one pictured here is sold at Staples (you can click onto the image for more info; any local office supply store should have similar products that will do the trick.)  I think this should be a standard item in every crochet student's crochet bag!  :)
         * I've recently added the roll of masking tape ... I have a class requiring that.
         * calculators are also a great tool to have in your bag for figuring out yardage, costs, gauges and so on.

On the left is the notebook I've been working on.  It has in it the following:  A printout of every class description, most of my homework assignments, and most of the class materials (patterns, tracing paper, graph paper & so on) I'll need -- even blank pages of paper for note taking for each class I'll be taking.  The classes are divided up with index dividers, and include a page that I can slip in class handouts. 

A bit extreme?  Perhaps.  But consider this, once at the Conference I won't need to give second thought to where my class materials are.  This means less stress and more fun!  And after the Conference, I've got myself one great souvenir -- and resource guide -- all in one place.  I just love it!  If you're going to the Conference and would like to see how it's set up, I'd be happy to show you.  Just ask!  :)

And yes, my homework assignment you see there (in purple & green) does spell out "Dee."  I couldn't resist.  What can I say? <BG> I was inspired to do it after seeing the instructor wearing a tank top featuring her name ... LOL 


Anonymous said...

Dee, You go girl! I hope you learn a bunch of new stuff and when you do you will share with all of us, your readers. Some day Ill be back to take a class from you again. I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference.

Anonymous said...

Dee: I especially liked your copy holder tip. I'm on my way to Staples right now. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the conference when you get back. Laura