Saturday, July 1, 2006

The Heat is On!

My crochet hook has been non-stop for what seems like forever in preparation for the upcoming Conference.  This includes working on the item my daughter will be modeling at the Fashion Show, to other various projects -- including homework!  And boy! Do I have homework! 

On the right is one of the homework pieces I did for one of the Lily Chin classes I'll be taking.  The assignment said to crochet up an 8" square using a lace pattern.  This one is from Donna Kooler's "encyclopedia of crochet," and I just love the way it came out!   iconicon(If you're looking for a great reference book to add to your personal library, then this one is a must!  You can find it at most local craft/book shops, and at online etailers like amazon , overstock, and eBay! I've had mine since it was first published and still enjoy using it, so you know it's a great book!)

In taking a few relaxing moments with a cup of coffee this morning, I got to catch up on reading a lot of my favorite crochet blogs.  It seems that I'm not the only one focused on getting the homework done in time.  Jane is working on her homework assignments too -- and since she's working on her sloper, it sounds like we'll be in the same class together.  Cool; this should be a fun class! 

I'm headed back to my homework; don't want that crochet hook to cool off too much!  I've only got 9 days to get all completed in time!

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