Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We're Here!! :)

It took awhile (I'm on dial-up here at the hotel) but I finally got the pictures to upload.  The first picture is the split in the tire we noticed on Sunday.  Turns out it was defective and we got a new one.  We think the split recently happened as we've had the vehicle in for regular check-ups and no one had noticed it.  Fortunately we did.

On our adventure here we stopped and picked up
Margaret Hubert.  She's such an awesome lady.  She hosted the HHCC's Monthly Meeting this past Sunday and it was a really fun time! 

We made really good time until we hit both New Jersey and then Pennsylvania.  I don't want to knock those that live in these states, but I do want to ask if you could talk to your Department of Transportation and request they label their highways better.  Who knew that Highway 476 is also known as the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  And who knew that when you wanted to take Highway 78 West off Highway 287 that you should have taken the EAST off ramp.  We figured that the next exit would be for heading west, but there were no signs ... for miles.  Lucky for us we found two individuals who got us back on track.

After several loop-dee-loops we finally figured it out and arrived safely.  We went to check into our hotel to find out the room they wanted to give us was a tiny one-bed room.  Not good when you're a family of four.  So I asked for another room and was advised we'd have to take a room on a smoking floor.  No, that wouldn't work either.  The next option was for a room with a king size bed, and they'd bring in a cot.  I'd need two -- but they said they couldn't due to fire codes.  I was getting quite upset as I had reserved the room MONTHs ago.  The manager said that a reservation is only a "statement saying they'd have a room available upon arrival, not that you'd get what you requested" ... as upset as I was I stood my ground.  Eventually we were given the option to stay at the beach.  It's a "theme room" and actually, it's pretty cool.  All that's missing is sand between the toes and the sound of seagulls screaming "Mine, mine, mine!" (quote is from the Nemo movie)

Once we were settled in we went out to dinner.  We found this great restaurant called "Rubys" and it was like a trip to the 1950s.  Chrome.  Red.  Coke.  Even the music.  The food was good too!  :)

I'm now preparing for a full day ... I'm taking "Professionals Day," doing the PD Lunch, and then the evening Professionals Day session.  I'm really looking forward to it.

I'll be back with more updates from the Conference.  If there's information/images you want to see, please let me know (comment here or send me an email) and I'll see if I can fulfill your wishes. 

That's it for now.  Signing off from Chain Link ...
Good Night & Fiber Fantasies,

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Anonymous said...

The only request I have is that you HAVE FUN!!!!  Love the pics and I see Margaret is happily crocheting along!  Sorry to hear that you got mixed up on the exits.  I've never been out there.  Usually, I don't mind getting lost and being forced to stop and ask for directions.  Gives me a chance to get out, stretch the legs, and get a feel for the locals.

Sorry too about your room :(.  Hope they are able to get you settled in to a regular one soon (unless you like your little tiki hut!).

Take care!