Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Most Complimented Attendee ...

Being a kid has it's rewards.  Just ask my children who were blessed with wonderful gifts from Margaret Hubert during our eventful drive to the Conference!  Margaret presented my children each with a goodie bag -- and little did we know that one of the goodies would become one of THE most complimented attendees at the entire conference!

Meet Nanette!  Nanette is a doll that's part of the
Groovy Dolls collection. Only this one is special. Really special because not only did it come complete with a most wonderful wardrobe crocheted and knitted by Margaret's talented hands, but Nanette also got to put on a private Fashion Show for all of Margaret's and Prudence's guests in their hotel room!

Nanette also received many compliments (as she was accompanied by my daughter) during her visits to the classrooms I was in, in the hotel lobby & conference events, and at various local establishments she visited -- like Valley Forge.  I'd say she was one very lucky doll, wouldn't you?  LOL  My daughter just loves Nanette!  (Thank you Margaret!)

Now as much as we all love Nanette, and now know of her extreme popularity at the Conference, I think it's time we set her aside and discuss -- no, no, that isn't right.  Let's try that again.  I think it's time we set her aside and GIGGLE to the one that will replace Nanette as THE Most Complimented Attendee ...

Remember yesterday when I revealed who the winning bidder for my Bravo! Bra was?  Well, it seems it's being put to good use offering inspiration to Brian while also offering a new place for Anne to store her growing yarn stash (yes, she says, she stuffed the bra "to give it some form"...)  The following images are used with their blessing.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I was in the same Make your own Hook class with Brian.  That's a photo I never would have imagined!             Jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,  now as much fun as I had making those clothes for Nanette,  Brian's picture should have taken precedence!!!  What fun :-)


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL...hope everyone has a good sense of humor!
It was the greatest time and so nice to have met both of you in person...
Anne and Brian