Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CGOA 2006 Fashion Show

For whatever reason, my family and I all thought that the Fashion Show/Dinner started at 7:00 PM. We were wrong.

I had just finished tucking all the ends in to one of the garments my daughter was to model and ran back to "
the beach" to quickly sew on the buttons for my Lacy Leaf Cocoon I planned on wearing.  Thinking back I think Tracy and Ellen (my guest blogger during my Birthday Week Extravaganza) were witness to my near panic of getting my daughter's garment done in time!  Our plan was to arrive at the Fashion Show/Dinner early to ensure good seats. After all, it's not every day your nine-year-old daughter who is as shy as a button debuts as a model at such a large event. Fortunately I looked at our ticket stubs -- it said the event started at 6:00 PM. We made a mad dash to the banquet room and were able to find four seats together in the very crowded room.

Behind our table was a doorway and I was advised that the chairs aligned in rows behind it was for the overdraft of people they anticipated for the Show. inside the banquet roomHad people actually sat there they would have seen nothing. There was no catwalk raising the models or path for them to sashay along so the people in the way-back of the room could see. Some of the models did figure out a way to leave the front of the banquet room and enter through another door to try to come to the back, but it was difficult. I never got to see my daughter model (even when standing beside my table), but fortunately my husband was able to vacate his seat and take Lily Chin's in order to take some photos. The ones includedin today's entry are from the digital camera.  More photos should be available once I get some film developed later this week.

In looking at the photos my husband took, and at other bloggers who are posting their pictures, it looks like the crochet fashions were knock outs!!  I do hope that in Conferences-to-come that the catwalk is brought back in (as it was in 2004) or that space is left between the tables to allow the models to easily work their way around the room for all to see.  No designer should miss seeing their work strutted about at a Fashion Show; and more importantly, IMHO, no parent should miss when their child shines.  

I was approached afterwards by some attendees who did get to see my daughter model who told me she did wonderfully. While I try to mask my feelings of not being able to see her actual debut (I don't want to mar her experience with my disappointment), I am delighted, and very proud of her -- that she stepped forward and spread her butterfly wings a bit.  I know it's not easy to stand in front of a bunch of people and have them all stare at you, and more so when you're a child standing in front of a bunch of adults.  The fact that she did it, and reportedly did it very well, is just fantastic!

On a side note, the video below is NOT from the Conference -- it's of "Double Stitch" who are twin sisters bringing crochet to the catwalk ... note the keyword here "catwalk!" Their designs are beautiful and are really worth checking out too!  If it doesn't show here, then click here to watch it.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the "lack of view" during the fashion show.  The garments were absolutly fabulous....when you could see them! And Dee, your daughter was such a cute model! I am hoping future conferences will have a "cat walk" so everyone can see the garments and take pics! ~Christy McMahon