Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Baby you can drive my car"

Several months ago I was over at Blog Explosion (which I'm a member of) pursing for other fiber arts blogs and even put my blog up for "battle." As I was clicking around the BE site, I saw my journal name mentioned in the chatroom. "Oh, look CrochetWithDee is up for battle. Her blog is a pinto." Of course I jumped into the chatroom to inquire what was meant by that and it turned out that no harm was intended -- it just that crochet was not the posters' cup of tea.

The conversation went on to state that perhaps I should crochet something to cover my "pinto." Hmmm. Well, first of all I don't have a pinto. (For those that don't know what a Pinto is, its a car that was made by Ford that exploded upon impact.) But the thought of covering a car with fiber has stuck with me. I do happen to have a car waiting for a new engine (don't ask!); so maybe one day I'll make it a reality.  Even the International Freeform group is discussing the possibilities of the group creating an Fiberlishious Art Car.  In the meantime, others have done just that!  Check them out:

Amazing, huh?  So now for the credits for the images featured in my collage:

  • Top Left: That's Tim Klein pictured with his Imperial (photo by Harrod Blank). He covered his car with velcro and used Red Heart's acrylic yarn to create his amazing design. His car plates now read "YARN" and he'll be (weather permitting) in the Car Art Parade in Houston on May 13. Visit Tim's website at for more information & photos!
  • Top Right: That is the Flying Fingers yarn bus that travels around NYC picking up & dropping off store patrons. The bus was featured on one of the premier Martha Stewart shows. Visit their website at
  • In the Top Center is Agata Oleksiak's Crocheted Camouflage Cadillac. It's featured on the website.  Doesn't it look amazing?!!
  • In the Lower Center is Theresa Honeywell's motorcycle covered in knit. To see it in more detail, visit her photo site here. She apparently creates other "non-traditional" items with her knit & embroidery so do check out all of her fiber works.  A big thanks to Astaryth for finding this great fiber art nugget!
  • On the Bottom Left is a car cozy -- created by a team of knitters from the Houston Center For Contemporary Art with nearly seven miles of Lion Brand Yarn. The photo is by The Crochet Dude who got to see the car in person. Don't feel left out of the craze ... you can read the article by Lion Brand and even knit a car cozy up yourself with this Free Pattern.
  • On the Bottom Right is Amy Spears' (& company) knitted car cozy. Visit her site at and her photo album to view the entire process. 

    If you're inspired to create your own Art Car using fiberarts as your base then consider entering it into this year's CraftAdventure -- their special theme happens to be automobiles.

    Anonymous said...

    Geez, I barely have time to work on a scarf, let alone try to cover a car <LOL>

    Anonymous said...

    a pinto is also a _horse_. I wish I could show you the cars one guy drives around here, one is cover with Barbie dolls and the other with manekin hands...._weird_

    Anonymous said...

    That's cool!

    Anonymous said...

    I want to help you crochet DVD covers when your collection of easy listening to crochet by songs is released.  I can help with the jacket design.  You are so crazy but that's why you inspire all of us.  Thanks for the laugh this morning.  Lori