Monday, April 24, 2006

Late Night Snacking?

How many times have I advised to my crochet students that they should always -- always!! -- write down the size hook, and it's manufacturer, that they are using for a given project? 

"You never know," I emphasize during our classes, "when your couch will get hungry and will devour your hook -- never to be seen again!"
Doesn't this couch look guilty?  I'm sure it ate my hook!
"Write it down; write it down; write it down!!! "

Oh, why didn't I take my own advice???

I had just crocheted, oh, I don't know, about 240 chains, joined it with a slip stitch to create a huge loop and began crocheting the delta flowers.  I had six flowers done.  I remember that.  Six.  Done.  I was on the seventh when I got called away from my work. 

I gingerly laid it down vowing to return in mere moments.  Only that didn't happen.  Moments turned into minutes, and minutes into hours.  It wasn't until the next morning that I was able to return to my project.

I look at where I laid my work to find it completely disheveled.  The seventh flower I was on was completely ripped out; thread seemingly stretched out for miles.  My crochet hook -- gone! 

What happened here?!?  I have no pets so that couldn't have been the cause.  My husband loved the delta coaster I finished blocking and posted about on Saturday -- and in fact he called it "beautiful & intricate" -- plus he was no where around where I had left my work, so he couldn't have had anything to do with it.  So I look to the children but they both proclaimed in unison, "It wasn't me!" so how do I dare question their innocent faces?

Regardless, the hook is missing.  I didn't write down the size I was using.  Bad Dee!!!  We tore the living room apart.  The hook is gone, gone, gone!  Doubtful to ever be seen again.  We've concluded that the couch ate it and now I'll need to rip out all of my work and begin again.

Be assured when I do, that this time I'll be writing the hook information down!

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Anonymous said...

 I sympathize with you totally. Im in the process of making a doily for my mom for mothers day. Im using a size 7 steel crochet hook.  I remembered that you mentioned about grips that we could buy to put on steel crochet hooks to be able to hold the hooker with ease. I believe it ws you:) Do you remember? I cant find anything on grips for the crochet hooks I was hoping you could give me an idea where to find such an item.  
 Happy crocheting! Your friend in Las Vegas, Nevada   Sherri