Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Getting the Lowdown on Grandma's Groove & other interesting news

I love finding crochet in the news, be it on television, in a magazine, or in a newspaper.  While I had fun this morning churning up my own "crochet news" (see images provided in this entry; please note that these are fictitious!), finding the latest news on crochet is as easy as going to and signing up for them to email you links to the latest & greatest -- you can opt that they notify you daily or weekly.

In keeping up with the latest crochet news you can learn things like how 
Granny [now] has a brand-new groove, an article by the Los Angeles Times that discusses turning grandma's hand created treasures into modern works, such as doilies into ipod carriers.  "Today we can ask far more from our industries," designer Allen says. "It should not be about how can we make something easy, but how can we make it beautiful. There was a very good reason why Modern of the 20th century looked the way it did — machines were only able to do minimal things."  Another designer from the same article states, "I think it's a shame when designers look to the future only and not also to the past," says Wanders. "It's a waste of possibilities."  I think it's finding inspirational nuggets like that make reading the news articles on crochet so interesting; I love it!  Go, read the article; I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Other news I'd like to share is that the program on the cable channel known as Oxygen will be reairing the "Stitchcraft" pilot that features Lily Chin.  (Yes, the pilot show focuses on knit fashions, but do check out the crocheted dress Lily wears!) The show will be reaired on:
  • Friday, May 19th @ 7:30P
  • Saturday, May 20th @ 4P
  • Sunday, May 21st @ 2:30P

    Lily states, "They're trying to see what may be a better time slot & this also gives the network more time to prepare for the airdates by building out their website, etc. This can only get us more viewers!"   And more viewers mean there's a greater chance that this show becomes more than a just pilot AND that they'll eventually feature crochet! 
  • Lily will also be on the "I've Got a Secret" program featured on the Game Show Network (also on cable) on May 29th @ 11:30P.  Check your local listings. 


    Anonymous said...

    Was reading this faux news article - the part about "Employers are encouraging their employees to come out from under their desks and crochet in public.."  When I worked at the hospital in 2003, I got in trouble for crocheting at work!!!  Nevermind that all of my work was caught up and it was slower than anything those days.  It was okay to sit around and gossip or go through the latest Avon, Tupperware, or Home Interiors catalogs but be damned if you bring in something that not only encourages conversation with patients, visitors, and co-workers but is also productive.  

    So, when are you coming out here for the protest march????  LOL!

    Hugs to you,

    Anonymous said...

    The part about employees being under their desks was inspired by the (re-airing) of a Seinfeld show -- the one where the character "George" worked for the NY Yankees and had his desk modified so he could nap under it.   ... just think about the possibilies if desks were modified for yarn stashes, complete with Ott lites ...