Friday, April 21, 2006

Impressive Stitches on the Catwalk!

My first impression upon seeing Clare Tough's unique fiber fashions on the catwalk was "Meow-za! ... and in looking at it again today, my sentiment has not changed!

While the International Freeform Group discusses the technique she used (is it freeform or patchwork?) I was delighted to see how beautifully and artistically she married knit and crochet together to come up with some fantastic fashions.  Take a peek for yourself and see how the stitches and the fiber colors blend so purr-fectly together to create fiber art pieces that deserve to be strutted down the catwalk ...

Before I offer the links to this designer, please note that some of the models are wearing sheer garments and the lack of undergarments may cause for uncomfortable moments if you have young children looking at the fashions with you.  So, if you have children and don't wish for them to see, then please check out Clare's work after you tuck your children into bed tonight.

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2006 >> Clare Tough
and More of Clare's Fashions

My thanks to Ruth for pointing out the links to Clare's work!  :)

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