Friday, April 14, 2006

Exquisite Twins?

Created with Valley Cottons' Violet Nights thread from WEBs; pattern is from Leisure Arts 3588, called Extra Special DoilesLast week someone was looking for a particular colored thread; knowing the color combo was a bit unusual (meaning not something you'd find at your local craft shop like Joann's), I responded thinking perhaps it was my doily I crocheted last summer that inspired the fiber search.

After exchanging a few emails, it turns out it was someone else's doily that inspired the fiber search -- a doily created with the same Leisure Arts pattern, and in the same color pallet as mine -- and all I can say after seeing it for my own eyes is, "Wow! We're Twins!" :)

Check it out for yourself:
Bette's Doilies @ ... and scroll about half way down to check out the close-up of her Exquisite doily. (and while you're there, be sure to check out all of her doilies -- aren't they beautiful?!!)  I think if lighting were taken into Close up of Dee's doily, also pictured with Overlay Crochetconsideration (mine were taken outdoors, and I think hers were taken indoors) that the fiber colors are right on the money: purple, teal & white/gray mix.  Would you agree that our doiles are twins?  I think they are. {{grins}}

I left a comment for Bette to see if we can confirm if we did indeed use the same fiber (would that be called 'DNA'?  lol).   In my humble opinion, it's not often that you see a textured doily created in a variegated fiber (other than "painted doilies"which opens a whole new chapter on the subject of doilies).  The mere fact that the two of us, Bette and I, used the same pattern and perhaps the same fiber, and the same color variation is pretty cool.  And add into the mix that both pieces were entirely created by hand then perhaps you can see where I'm going with this -- no machine can stamp out exquisite work like this!  {{grins}} 

I wonder, is it possible, that somewhere out there in the world we could be triplets?  If so, please contact me with a link to the image ... be it your work or someone else's.  It would be fun to see if there are more of Mary Werst's pattern for the Exquisite doily created in the same fiber/color combo!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Update:  Bette was kind enough to email me and confirm that she did in fact use the same fiber from WEBs as I did -- and she said, "I was so flattered to read the blog entry which you posted on the 14th about the Exquisite doily.  

   It was a very nice article and I got my idea from looking at your blog, remember?  I asked you about the pattern and the type of thread and generally pestered you about the size of the thread, etc."

Goodness; I didn't until she reminded me!  I had received so many inquiries about this doily that I had lost track over who was interested in recreating it.  I'm delighted that Bette was so inspired that she did just that!  AND ... she's inspired me to join yet another online group:  "DoliesRUs" ...

If you've never tried creating a doily, or tried using thread, then you are in for a treat!  If you fear thread, try it with yarn first and then work your way down in fiber size & hook size as your comfort level rises.