Thursday, April 6, 2006

... my absence ...

Many have either written me, or told me in person of how much reading my blog/journal here has become a part of their daily routine.  "Dee, you have no idea," said Lori at our last crochet class, "of how much I look forward to reading your blog!  I grab a cup of coffee, go online and then read about your latest crochet adventures."  I appreciate feedback like that!  Thank you!! 

Dee's absence is felt in the crochet world?While I am delighted that my blog has become a routine visit for many, there will be times I will be absent.  Such as for the past couple of days where
I've pretty much slept for the past 36 hours; this cold I've had since last week is seriously cutting into my crochet time.  (And thus  explains my delay in responding to emails and the absence of new blog/journal entries.) 

While I work on getting better, I'd like for you all to read this article called, "
Confessions of a Reformed Pattern-Slave" written by Claudia Dunitz for the new online magazine, "for the love of yarn."  Even if you're not ready to toss your patterns aside and just "go with it," I think you'll enjoy the article as it also relates to the growth of yarn stash.  Enjoy!

... A big thanks goes to Jean Leinhauser for pointing it out.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the article Dee.  Claudia is a very nice woman, and I enjoyed reading about her latest obsession.  :)