Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sheep & Wool Shows are Fun AND Educational

On one of the Internet crochet groups I enjoy, a post was made about encouraging people to attend their regional Sheep & Wool Fairs/Shows/Festivals.  I'd like to do the same, especially after this little exchange which happened this past Monday:

Setting:  Home of one of the mothers (our children attend the same school) hosting the event
Event:  Fulfilling auction benefit (it was a crochet luncheon) that raised money for the children's school.

After all the mothers finished their two hours of beginner crochet instruction, we gathered around the table to enjoy a most wonderful lunch provided by the host.  A conversation soon started about local real estate.

"Did you see the house over by ...?"

    "Oh, yes.  Very nice!"

     "I was driving by that very house the other day and saw the strangest looking horse in my entire life!

"Oh?"  (at this point all the mothers were interested about this strange looking horse)

     "Yes!  It had long hair all over it's body; with a very long neck.  The face wasn't quite right either."  There was silence in the room.

     I asked, "Were there, by chance, any sheep in the area where this strange horse  was?"

     "Yes!  How did you know that Dee?"

    I smiled.  "What you saw then was a llama.  It's job is to protect the sheep.  It will fight off any animal that threatens the flock."  (Boy did I impress them!)

Living in a city/country environment, we don't see much livestock.  And this is a perfect example on why the  Sheep & Wool festivals are so important to attend.  Besides the fact that they're a lot of fun, you can learn the proper names of "strange looking horses."  Which really aren't horses now, are they?  {wink wink}

To find out if there's one near you, visit this website for the scoop:

My thanks to jd in st. louis for bringing this topic up today.  And while you're at it, give her blog a visit:

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