Thursday, March 23, 2006


As promised, I'm including images of my "loot" from my recent trip to New York City.  I can't wait to start encorporating them into new works!

Two of the pieces, the Rhinestone Breast Cancer Charms, are already earmarked for a special project.  I will be designing/decorating (with crochet, what else!)  a bra for the Crochet Guild of America's "Bra-vo Silent Auction" taking place this summer at the National Convention; the "brassieres [are to be] embellished beyond your wildest dreams."  The BRA-vo! Silent Auction will raise money for breast cancer support. 

I invited another blogger to aid in the design for the bra I'd like to enter; unfortunately she was given the news that her cancer is now at stage IV and so with a massive front of treatments she is now facing I don't know if she's up to the challenge.  Her inner strength is inspiring and I hope the best for her in her fight.

While I await to hear from her, I put the challenge out also to my local Crochet Club and then expanded the challenge to ALL CGOA Chapters!  The torch was then picked up by Myra and brought over to the International Freeform Group.  But why stop there?  Let me personally invite you to the challenge!  After all, it's for a good cause, right?  Go here to commit to designing a "bra-vo" brassiere for a worthy cause!

3/28/06 UPDATE:
My recent field trip to NYC included a stop at it opened it's doors to the public for just a short time, offering the buttons at wholesale prices.  If you're interested in being added to the list for the next public shopping opportunity, contact them.  Please note that if you go it is not set up like a RETAIL shop -- it's a one room warehouse sort of setting -- but filled with lots of treasures!  And if you go, you should stop at the Greek Village Grill  (3 E 17th St) for a bite -- YUM!!!

Other stops in NYC included:;
     Trim World USA (49W 37th St);
     NY Beads Inc (1026 6th Ave; going out of business);
     and for the biggest feast for the eyes, a stop at IS A MUST!!!

And, if you're going to be in NYC, do look up the New York City Crochet Guild
( and see what they have going on!

I love field trips!  :)

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