Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Listen Up!

A few weeks ago I opted to have CrochetMe send me my password so I could restart being active on their boards.  Then I got busy and my emails piled up.  After spending quite some time in weeding my 2000 emails down to 300 this week, I came across the password request and happily strolled back over to the group and began participating again.

At the same time I received an email from a reader stating, "Dee, I would love to know what you sound like!  Would you consider doing a podcast? Susian"

I had thought about doing podcasts (podcasts are like electronic blog/journal entries that contain material about a particular topics of interest and may include music for your listening pleasure), and in fact, I have done some audio entries here in the past!  Here's one that shows some excitement in my voice; at the time I was on my way home (reporting via cell phone) returning from one of my fiber adventures with members from the Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club:

Field Trip to Fiber Art Center, Beaders Paradise & WEBs
(this was from
July of 2004).

Unfortunately AOL had technical difficulties they could not fix with this feature and thus I dropped the option for adding audio.  I did enjoy it while it lasted though because it was fun to call in entries while "on the road," like when I attended the 2004 National Crochet Guild of America's Conference in New Hampshire (visit my archives to find the entries).

Thanks to the CrochetMe newsletter I've learned someone else has started podcasting about crochet, so go on over and give a listen: 

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Anonymous said...

The crochet Podcast is interesting, but for those of us still on dialup (and yes, there are still quite a few of us out there) it is very frustrating.  The audio comes in bits and pieces as it is buffered.

It would be a great idea to have more than just the podcast of the episode available.  

One website that I subscribe to has podcasts.. and 5 OTHER ways of getting the information  (MP3's, both high & low quality; webpage with supplementary notes; a webpage text transcript; a simple text file; and a pdf).  

While 5 extra methods might be overkill for a crochet site/blog, it would be helpful for those of us on dialup.  Not to mention the hearing impaired.  I think I will make this suggestion on the crochetcast site too.