Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sharing is a Good Thing

One of the great things about children is their desire to share things.  I love when they tell me about their day, and when they draw me pictures, and when they opt to pick up their crochet hooks and "doodle" with yarn.  I also (cough cough) rather like when they share their colds with me.

Yes, even their colds.  Am I demented for thinking this way?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  I like to look at it as an opportunity to catch up on my reading as I'm forced to slow down and snuggle with a box of tissues until I start to feel better.  My latest catching up is with the January/February 2006 issue of PieceWork -- one of my very favorite all-around fiber arts magazines I subscribe to.

As the Volunteer Email Correspondent for the Crochet Guild of America, I receive many inquiries about how to preserve/clean vintage pieces.  While I provide general suggestions, imagine my delight in reading the top line on the cover: "50+ TIPS to preserve the Past: Caring for Your Heirloom Textiles"  -- great balls of yarn!  What took me so long to pick this issue up??  I usually devour every issue from cover to cover the very moment it arrives in the mail!  (I know!  I was too busy celebrating my birthday and then in working on meeting various deadlines!)  But the good news is my children gave me this cold and now I have plenty of time to read it!  Whoo (cough) Hoo!

Listen, if you're interested, then get yourself a back issue from Interweave press -- well worth the money, in my humble opinion!   With just barely two days left for National Crochet Month, consider donating a subscription to your local Library -- share the joy of the fiber arts! :) 

Click here to see another impressive back issue; this one is on Romanian point-lace (yes! a crochet technique!)

I have my magazine in hand and I'm headed back to bed.  I've got to be well by Saturday (I'll be going to the Ewephoric Weekend in Avon, CT) and will need to be feeling better if I have any grand ideas of picking up my knitting needles and using them for knitting!  (cough cough)

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