Friday, December 30, 2005

"CrochetWithDee" -- A Contender?

I have officially given in to the Christmas Germs/Gift my son gave to me.  I battled it since Christmas Day and it now has the best of me.  So with throat on fire, and all the aches & pains that come with it, I'll be spending the day under the covers over on "camp couch."  Anyone wishing to call & speak to me forgetaboutit!  A giraffe has a louder voice than I do at the moment!  Agh!

But don't feel bad for me that I'm under the weather for I have discovered that I've been nominated as a contender for top "
Knit or Craft" blogs! Whachoo!  (sorry about that, it should have read "Whoohoo!")  Thanks; I'm honored!!

Will my blog/journal win?  I dunno.  I think it depends upon how many others go over there and second the nomination and so forth. 

Wouldn't it be great if a crochet blog won?  I think it would be fantastic for the step-sister (aka Crochet ain the roll of Cinderella) of the fiber arts to be in the lime light it so deserves!  Hmmm.  In rereading that last sentence it sure sounds like an indirect request to go vote for my blog/journal here.  Hey, and that sentence just goes ahead and spells it out a little clearer, huh?  Goodness!  That doesn't sound like something I'd do -- what's in this cough syrup anyway???


Anonymous said...

Hey!  That giraffe is wearing my scarf!  LOL!  I certainly hope that you feel better soon, Dee!  Hugs, Sheila

Anonymous said...

 I got your birthday card you sent me Thanks! I cant believe I made to 50! I too am battling a hefty cold, I simpathize with you! Please have a wonderful comfy day under the covers!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I found your blog via BlogExplosion. I am an AOL member and used to own an AOL blog. What a great journal you have here! It really shows the passion and love you have for crocheting. My beloved grandmother used to crochet all the time and made beautiful items, including big, gorgeous afghans that I still have to this day and treasure now that she's gone. She tried to teach me numerous times to crochet. Although I loved it and made several attempts to get it right, I could never quite 'get' it and my creations would be just awful! LOL

God bless you and have a joyous and prosperous New Year! :-)

~ Susan