Thursday, December 29, 2005

Child Labor Pays Off -- BIG Time!

The beauty of children receiving toys needing assembly -- something they can assemble on their own while Mommy works on a secret project -- is that the kits contain small parts.  And, as Murphy's Law would have it, Lady Luck left our house yesterday (to visit another crocheter in need) and this does of course mean that some of the small parts have been "lost."

                 So what's a parent to do?

... Yes, we make the child, or in this case -- the children,  look for the missing part! ... and while they're doing so, you see if you can get them to clean in the deepest, darkest sections of the couch (hey, who says that the missing part(s) aren't there????) in hopes they'll find all those crochet supplies that have mysteriously disappeared while working on important projects --  You know, to send the children into the places where even the vacuum cleaner can't get to! 

               Whhaa ha hah ha ha!

So as I had the children searching for a lost tire that goes to a model car I pressed them into service to find my own missing items.   I did this because the children are still quite young and this means they have small hands that can reach into tight spaces.  Yes, that's right -- child labor!  LOL  Their tiny hands were purr-fect (that's Batman lingo for perfect!) for squeezing down between the cushions & such!  And boy! were they productive!!

Did they find the tire?  No.  But what they did find was six metal crochet hooks and nine tapestry needles.  They also found a tape measurer, and a pair of scissors.  Beads.  Pencils. Pens. And some freeform scrumbles I've beensearching everywhere for!

 Wow!! That was one darn hungry couch that had no problem munching up crochet supplies!  Geesh!

                 Thanks Kids!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, Dee, was the couch feeling a little lumpy?  LOL!  Surprised the kids didn't pull out an afghan or two!

So, did you pay the kids for their "child labor"???

Thanks for a laugh!  Sheila

Anonymous said...

Were the kids paid, Sheila asks.

Yes, in a sense they were  -- I had "sprinkled" coins between the cushions and they loved finding them!

BTW: I want to go on record that most of the hooks found belong to my daughter (I use mostly wooden hooks)...but the tapestry needles, beads & such, those were all mine!  LOL


Anonymous said...

LOL!  That is funny about putting change in there for them to find, but it sounds like a sweet deal for the kids!