Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Crochet Marathon?

I'm running the Connecticut Holiday Marathon.

I've been training for it for the last 361 days.  The strenuous repetitions of yarning over, of pulling yarn through loop after loop after loop, the jumping over hurdles (oh, I'm sorry readers if it happened to have been one of you) in getting into the yarn shops first during their big sales, the quick karate type movements (without the delayed voice overs) in reaching for yarn on sale, the weight lifting of carrying bags and bags of fiber to my automobile, then into the house, then into their storage spaces ... oh the training just went on, and on, and on ... (much like this entry seems to be! lol)

And it all comes down to these last three days.  Three days to run around and get everything done -- including those last minute gifts that we (I) insist on crocheting -- even though we (I) said we (I was) were through!

Right now I'm running the local 2K in preparation for the big race -- I've got two scarves that need to be done by sun up tomorrow ... I thank the heavens for big hooks (an "N") and thick fibers (Trendsetter's "Dune")!    I kinda like that game plan: short on time, go big.  Real big!   The drape is softer, the look is softer too.  Shhh though!  We don't want to let my little secret out!  LOL 

                Keep the coffee coming; I doubt I'll make it to the finish line without it.  ((grins))

How about you?  Are you running in this marathon too?  I'd bet a skein of yarn that you are!  ;o)

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