Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The best thing about the year ending is that you can reflect upon what the year was.  It's good sides, it's bad.  It's happy times, and it's sad times. 

So with much apology, and much delight, I'd like to announce the conclusion of the free drawing I offered back in June(Were you all wondering what ever happened?  Who had won?)

First let me explain what had happened to cause the delay. 

I was approached and asked if I had anything I could donate to a local fund raiser for Juvenile Diabetes.  With the cause being so great that benefits children I opted to offer all the pairs of earrings I had crocheted up thinking I had plenty of time to create more.  In retrospect I should have held back a pair as life happens; things get pushed onto the proverbial back burner to make time for the more pressing.  I hadn't forgotten; I just got derailed.  Until today!

So because I was so slow in announcing the winner I decided there should be two winners!  My children each picked a number and now without further delay, the winners are Lisa and Sandra!  (both have been contacted via email and will receive hand-crocheted earrings created by me along with a donation made to the American Cancer Society either in their name or another name of their choosing).  Crochet-ulations!!!

I'd like to thank everyone that participated, and thank those that shared their cancer stories with me.  Hopefully, with the New Year just days away, 2006 will be the year they find the cure!  J

Just heard from Sandra:

Dear Dee,
Thank you so much! I never win anything so this is very exciting. I had truly forgotten about the drawing, so this is a wonderful surprise!  Please make the contribution in honor of my Dad.
Thank you so much again for this wonderful gift.

Update 12/30/05: Lisa has checked in too:

I had forgotten all about this. Have you seen the Christensen scarf pattern at the Lionbrand site? A lady designed these and was selling them and giving the proceeds to a cancer related group (support or research, i forget which). I made a bunch and am giving some away. Please make the donation in memory of my grandmother.
Thanks again,

That's awesome you're donating some of your scarves, Lisa!  ... And for those that would like to see all the scarves Lisa
has been crocheting up, give her a visit at

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh!  Congratulations to the winners!  Boy, oh boy!  Are they in for a treat!!!  Also, although it wasn't me who approached you about the Juvenile Diabetes, I want to send my heartfelt thanks to you for recognizing this organization as I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 11.  This seems - in my own asking of people who were diagnosed as children - to be a popular age for the disease to spring up, although it can be diagnosed at any age.  Things to watch for are excessive thirst, frequent urination, tiredness.  In girls, there might be a yeast infection or it might appear as a flu that won't go away.  If your child has these symptoms, request that your doctor do a glucose test.  And don't wait to see if your child will "get over it".  The longer you wait, the more damage and risk of coma.  Sorry, Dee.  I didn't mean to take up your comment space with a tirade but it's a very important one that parents should hear.  I hope you understand.

Blessings to you for all that you do!  Sheila