Friday, December 2, 2005

A Blogger Shows Her Angel Wings

I just finished visiting the Kalediscope Yarns website, placing an order for more deliciously soft fiber yarn blends.  It was my first time shopping with them, so we'll see how the experience goes.  Thus far I'm impressed; I had some questions and they responded to my email inquiry very quickly.

The reason for the order is simple.  The demand for the hats I've been crocheting to help raise money for the American Cancer Society has been going up -- and I'm currently out of stock.  Fortunately I had that recent injury resulting from a collision with my son (eish!) -- as my reward for "being so brave" at the various doctors I treated myself to visiting a "new to me yarn shop" and picked up some "new to me" yarn.  (If you visit my entry describing my injury you'll see my husband left me a comment. LOL  His statement couldn't be truer!  Oh, and an injury update: I have until Monday to decide if I want surgery or not.  I have to wait until some more of the swelling goes down before I make that decision.)

Anywho!  Let's get to the exciting part of today's entry! 

The other day, when Pamela of "Just One Girls Head Noise" wrote how she took off the chemo cap I had especially crocheted for her and gave it to another woman she connected with while they were both getting chemo treatments, she touched upon a lot of hearts.  AND unknowingly, she picked up an angel too!  That angel's name is Rhonda of  "
Rhondas Strange Thoughts and Pics."  Rhonda purchased the last three hats I had currently available and requested that I ship them to Pamela.  Here's what Rhonda had to say:

Dear Dee:
I feel honored to be able to help with this. I know that Pamela is getting pretty short on money and this is just my way of saying Merry Christmas. 

You know giving to this cause, gives me more satisfaction than it does to anybody who receives it.  If I could, I'd be sending thousands and thousands!  

Like I told you before, you are a true hero in my eyes!  
Love to you and all your helpers, Rhonda

Rhonda, you're a beautiful angel disguised as a blogger!  I can't wait to ship these hats to Pamela on your behalf!  I know she will be touched and will feel your warmth and compassion just as the woman at the hospital felt Pamela's.  :)

Normally I reserve the month of December to crochet gift items for my family.   I have decided that I am going to take a break from blogging this weekend so I can crochet more incredibly beautiful & lushiously soft hats, and I'll create a webpage that will be dedicated to this cause -- this way everyone can visit and see what's available and what's sold.  As soon as the page is ready I'll announce it here in my blog/journal, and if you don't feel like keep checking back for the announcement, then click onto that option above that let's AOL notify you of when I update here.

Really, I am deeply touched that so many are interested in these caps -- and in the pattern I designed for it too.  To me, this is what the holiday season is all about;  reaching out and making the world better one good deed at a time.  I only wish my SIL and Aunt could have won their battles, they are greatly missed.  In looking to the future, the fight goes on.  Hopefully, soon, there will be a cure!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, What wonderful and kind things you had to say about me. I really dont deserve it though. I'm sure that I didnt do anything that any one of us would do if they only had the means to do it. It was truely my pleasure to help with the only way that I knew how to. I pray that very soon, I will be able to donate much more in the future.
        Love to you and all your helpers, Rhonda