Monday, August 1, 2005

Will Dee NEED a Search Party?!!

I've been playing around more with the Overlay Technique.  I think I'm addicted!!  I find it so interesting the way the colors play with each other as the process continues on.  To the right is yesterday's experiment.  Do you like?

The colors are 'almost' true -- at least on my laptop here.  The texture is almost 'right on' too.  This is encouraging!  :)

I took the picture earlier to utilize the soft morning light.  (I may take another this afternoon when the sun is at it's brightest to see what happens.)  Part of the background in this image is the email I mentioned yesterday that had I received from Melody.  What you see here is where she is stating "Again, I'm glad you've been enjoying working with Overlay, and that you're converting other crocheters to the technique.  Keep me posted on how you're doing!  Melody"

... Melody, I am confessing!  Right here; right now!!  Let me shout this out in all the yarn shops across America:  "I'm an ADDICT!!  I can't seem to get enough of this Overlay!!"   


     ... Plus, I think it's my duty  as an ADDICT to convert other crocheters into enjoying my extreme bliss!!  Wouldn't you all agree?  J

I've also been playing around with my "Paint Shop Pro"program.  See what I did to the image on the left?  The more I learn about this program the more I like it.  I liked being able to provide all the Overlay coaster images in one "image" last Friday

If the weather is not too muggy today, I think I may venture into my stash and look for various yarns to play with.  Listen, if I don't report back within the next 24 hours, you may want to get together a search party to come looking for me, and the kids, since they're great helpers!  We just might get lost in all of those bins and shelves of fiber and may need your help!  (heh heh heh) 


Anonymous said...

Wow Dee that square is really pretty. So colorful. I too am a crocheter and beginning knitter. I love all kinds of yarn, lol and can never have enough. Are you like that? How long have you been crocheting? I've been crocheting for about 11 years and I feel I'm an intermediate crocheter. At times I'll try to create something on my own, but that is where I'm lacking, lol. I'm not as creative in that area.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is beautiful.  Wish I could do something like that.  I'm still learning how to read patterns and such.