Saturday, August 20, 2005

Inspiration is better than Awards

I'm just a jumble of nerves ... I'll find out tomorrow how my three entries at the Bridgewater Fair do.  I entered a tank top & matching tam with beaded trim I crocheted for my daughter, her Communion Cape, and a beaded wrap. 

When I dropped them off Thursday night the Event Coordinator said she was getting a bit worried about me ... I had arrived with just minutes to spare for the entry cut off time.  I explained to her that I took a few too many wrong turns, but fortunately I got there in time! She then proceeded to state that she was delighted I arrived OK, and that she looks forward to seeing my entries every year because I enter original works.  Wow; what a compliment!  (no, she's not one of the judges!)

As I looked around at the other items that were entered I couldn't help but be inspired and amazed at all the wonderful entries.  I'm looking forward to seeing everything displayed (with the various ribbons awarded) tomorrow. 

Winning ribbons is not my favorite part about these types of Fairs that judge the needlecrafts.  While it is true that is quite exciting if you win one, I find it more exciting to think that perhaps one of the entries -- maybe more -- will inspire someone to pick up the hook (or knitting needles) for the first time.  Or perhaps it will inspire someone who already has to try something different; to branch out and try new stitches or techniques.  

I once had a great conversation with a lady who saw my crochet group demonstrating at The Big E.  She said that it had been years since she had picked up the hook, but after seeing all the great crochet works entered that year she was inspired to pick the hook up again!  I was delighted to hear this!  :D

I am curious, readers, if you ever saw something at a Fair and was inspired.  Drop me a line and share your story! 

When we are inspired, great things happen!  Wouldn't you agree?   J

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