Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hooks a-flyin': Preparing for The Big Day

Stop the drooling!  ((grins))

That collection of yarn and hooks you see in the images to the left are for the 2005 Knit Out & Crochet Too! event that will take place in NYC on October 2nd.  These are the some of the "starts" we got done last night; I think we have about another 150 to go!

For those that will be attending the event, I will attempt to fill in designer Margaret Hubert's shoes.  She is unable to make the event this year so I will be doing the demonstration on Freeform Crochet; and with my girlfriend, Grace, I will also be doing a demonstration on simple crocheted flowers. I have the call out to Freeformers wishing to have their blogs/websites/books and such listed on a handout I plan on creating. It's planned to have Lion Brand provide me with tear-sheets to hand out for the flowers.

If you do plan on attending a Knit Out & Crochet Too Event, post the KOC2 logo on your blog/website! 

To do so, go on over to the Craft Yarn Council of America's website at and save the logo to your computer.  Then post it to your blog and/or website.  Let's see how many sites we can have proudly displaying the 2005 logo!  Not sure there will be a KOC2 in your area?  Check the website -- they just added more locations and advise on how you can bring the event to your area!

It's a free event and well worth volunteering your time to make it happen; and well worth your time to attend!  ... and don't forget, they're having another Scarf contest!  Check out their website for details on that too!  :)

OK, I'm off to upload the logo to my blog here ...

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Anonymous said...

Dee, I tried to add the logo to my journal I just cant get it right. Can you tell me how you add it? I did add it by putting it as a picture is there a better way to add logos. I see you add different items to your pages all the time. If you could help me that would be great:) Sherri at