Monday, August 22, 2005

I called "Dibs" first!

The trip to Massachusetts went smoothly this morning; all the items have been officially entered for next weekend's big event: The Craft Adventure!  (Rose, please tell Nikki all is "good, safe & sound!")

Since we were in the "neighborhood," we opted to take a little scenic drive up to Northampton to visit a little yarn shop called "WEBs."  If you've never been, well then you're in for a treat!

When I walked in the door I knew exactly what I wanted; I wanted thread to match the doily I had crocheted last month ... did I come home with it?  Nooooooooooo!  Instead, I went crazy running around the store yelling "DIBs!" because they were having an awesome sale.  "Dibs!  I called Dibs first!" 

              "Oh, were you looking at that, Mam?  I'm sorry, I didn't hear you yell "Dibs!"  You have to call Dibs first or it's fair game!"

I ended up coming home with a bunch of goodies, including nearly four pounds of a soft colored pink rayon thread that I hope to (someday) crochet myself a nice top with (Thanks to Karen of the ConnecticutCrochet group who's work is inspiring me!).


No, actually I didn't go running around calling "Dibs" like that -- it was hard, but I behaved myself -- barely! But I sure wanted to run around and do that!  LOL

Next time, I just might "say it without stating a word!"  These items are over there at the CafePress website.  Found a sale code too: B2SALE ($5 off $50); ends 9/6/05

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Anonymous said...

LOL!  I love the items!  Too funny!  I see you have a new pic of yourself up as well!  Very nice!  Sorry I haven't been around - long story.  Hugs to you!  I HAVE missed you!  Sheila