Friday, August 5, 2005

Shhhh! Interweave Knits ...

Shhhh, the family is sleeping!  We must be very, very quiet ... actually, it's so darn hot & muggy tonight it's a wonder that they're all able to sleep at all!  But nonetheless, we need to be quiet; don't want them all waking up and being cranky in the middle of the night!  ;)

Me, ha!  My mind is filled with so many delicious thoughts ... project ideas for classes, fibers I'd like to add to my stash, WIPs, WIMs ... UNBELIEVABLE!  (Of course with hubby's last words to me before he drifted off into la la land didn't help!  We were talking about "Opportunity" that I mentioned yesterday.  He said it's nice and he's glad that my crochet skills are recognized.  He also said I make crocheting look "so easy, so peaceful to do."  And that he's "inspired by me."  Geesh!  With compliments like that, no wonder I can't sleep!  LOL)  So instead of trying to sleep, I thought voicing some of my thoughts here would help my mind slow down a bit ... so here it goes:

If you don't know already, Interweave Knits is coming out with another Special Crochet Edition.  Now, if you were one of the unlucky few who were unable to get the first edition last year, I'm telling you now that it will be coming out in just a few short weeks.  And, I'm going to tell you a little secret.  Shhhh!  Come closer to the screen.  Hmmm.  No, that won't do, come closer.  Just a bit more.  Ah, that should do it.  Now listen close because this is quite a juicy tip!  If you belong to a crochet group, take a headcount and see who wants this special issue besides you.  Now I said we have to be quiet about this!  Shhhh!  Settle down now, I haven't gotten to the good part yet!  Don't want to be waking the kids up with all of this excitement of getting this hot mag in your hands with little effort, right? ... alright then, so, like I was saying, you get a headcount of all those that want the magazine besides yourself.  Then you do like I did last year -- you CALL Interweave Press and tell them that you're a member of such-n-such crochet group and you're interested in X number of copies.  If your numbers are high enough, they will bulk ship the magazines to you!!! (possibly at a discount; you HAVE to ask!!  And, you HAVE to pay by credit card.)  Now, wasn't that a great secret?  Yeah, I thought so too!  I'm in the process of taking a headcount for my own group so don't tie up the phone lines for too long as I'll be needing to call them too!  ((grins))

So, while we're on the topic of making phone calls, I've heard (note, not confirmed!) that if you are a member of the CGOA and you're placing an order to Annies Attic, they'll give you a discount.  If you have done this and can confirm it, then please, let me know!  I'd love to share "confirmed" information with everyone!

Finally, I know, you're all dying to know!  Did I break my yarn diet yesterday?  Are you kidding??  I have such control!  I have such will power!  Just don't ask me how those two skeins of yarn came home with me!   Heh heh heh!!!!   Uh oh!  I think one of the kiddies heard us laughing ...

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