Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Crochet is EVERYWHERE!

I spent the most delightful morning at Borders this morning.  (*Borders is a local book store.) I had the pleasure of hooking up with some other crocheters for our monthly "Coffee, Crochet & Chat" sesson and it was terrific!  I did manage to take pictures but haven't figured out how to unload them from my phone/pda to the computer yet.  Anyway, there was ALOT of showing & telling of various projects both completed and "in the works."  Yes, a very inspiring morning indeed!!   :)

Then, in the afternoon, took my kids out for a bit of shopping.  After various stops we ended up at Kohls ... and there was CROCHET everywhere!  Sweaters, tanks, tops -- you name it.  And, now, unlike last years' fashions, they're mixing in beads and sequins!!  Just fantastic to see!  Plus we bumped into other kids we know.  Turns out the young girl that is friends with my daughter is reading the Laura Ingalls biography.  I couldn't help but advise her that Laura was a crocheter (and for the record, so was her daughter!)  -- I got a "roll of the eyes" and an "Aw, Mom, does everything have to be crochet related?" from my son.   "Well, yes, dear, everything does have to be crochet related!  I'm an addict, remember?!"  We got a good laugh out of that one.

I am proud of myself, I did not go to any craft stores, and since I know my dear husband will be reading this entry, let me clarify that statement a bit more (thus leaving no loop hole open!  LOL)  ... I did not purchase any yarn at all today!  But I am teaching tomorrow, soo .... yeah, I'd say all bets are off!!  LOL

                                     ... You don't expect for me to be that good, do you?!?

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