Thursday, August 4, 2005

When Opportunity Knocks...

... answer the door!

That's just what happened to me this morning!  (Yes, it's crochet related!)  I can't give any details (yet!), but I am excited that Opportunity knocked!

I've answered the door, and am now in "talks," discovering the fine details that Opportunity is offering should I opt to participate ...

And ya know, it doesn't matter (well, it does matter!) if the opportunity takes fruition or not.  The important thing here I'm sharing with all of you is that if Opportunity knocks you should open the door and check it out!  At least have a cup of coffee with Opportunity and see what the offer is.

And this is true with YOUR crocheting too!  If you get an opportunity to try it for the first time -- DO!  If you get a chance to try a new technique -- DO!

Take yourself outside of your comfort zone and see what Opportunity has for you.  You just may be pleasantly surprised!  J

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