Saturday, September 4, 2004

Hooks for a Cause

In the Special Edition magazine I wrote about yesterday, Interweave Knit's Crochet issue, there's a section that discusses Crochet Hooks from the past (page 11) which I found very interesting. But it's a small blurb to the right, on page 10, that raised the eye brow of potentiality ... meaning, potentially there is an opportunity to add another hook, two, or three to my growing collection!

Crochet hooks can be made of nearly any material ... as long as the tip has a notch for grabbing yarn/thread and pulling it through loops already waiting on the hook, and as long as the user can be effective with it, then it counts. In my collection, I have them of various ages, of various metals, acrylics, woods -- even glass.

So what does this have to do with the blurb I saw in the magazine? It's what I call an "awareness" blurb -- where there are hooks that although are unsized, they're hand carved (BEAUTIFULLY, if I might add) that are being sold to help encourage women's economic independence in Nepal. And, for being hand carved, they're a steal listed at just $16.95 each. You can see these hooks listed on the website at

Yes, I plan on making an order. I just have to decide on which hook(s) I'd like to add. (Since I have been such a good girl this year, perhaps I can persuade "Santa" that my stocking would really appreciate being stuffed with these hooks that are for a good cause. I mean, if we really think about it, the holiday season is only about 16 weeks away, and that's plenty of time to place an order & await for shipping, right? LOL)

So, the next question is, do I use all the hooks in my collection? I do, almost. When I get new hooks, and this includes antiques, I do take them on a test drive by working up a small sampler square. I make a mental note if the hook works with my crochet technique. If it does, then I do use it again. If it doesn't, then it gets set aside to one day be mounted & framed.

My favorite hooks are those made of wood, with some girth to them. This is because my crochet technique has me rolling the hook between my fingers, rather than having my wrist doing all the rolling motion. If the hook is too skinny, or has a flat thumb/finger rest, then I can't crochet comfortably. My favorite hooks thus far are those known as Graydog (you can find them listed on the auction site known as ebay) as they balance in my hand beautifully; even those of which that are jeweled (go to my "Crochet In the News" webpage on my website and you can see one of my jeweled hooks).

The best advice I can offer, is that you try every hook you come across and make your own mental notes. What works for me, may not work for you. It's a preference thing, and it's worth the time to find what tools work best for you. And who knows, maybe you'll get hooked on collecting crochet hooks too. J


Anonymous said...

Congrats on making editors pick! Have a blessed weekend! God bless, Beckie

Anonymous said...

I used to crochet when I was younger........but would have no idea how to even start now.........I completely forgot how to do it!  Is crocheting more difficult or knitting?  

Anonymous said...

congratulations on "Editor's Pick" dee!  

Anonymous said...

Oh ! girl I was so happy when I found you, that I almost cried. I have been looking and looking for something or some one that has my interest also. And I could not find a thing.  For some reason tonight I stayed on a little longer and messing arround and some how you jumpped up, God bless you. I love to knit and to crochet, sew, paint, you name it and probably I do it. I have lots of time and I sit all day long. I am in a wheel chair and can't walk but two or three steps. Very seldom any one comes to see me or do crafst with me, so I have turned to the computer to try and find some one that does any of the crafst that I do. I also do quilts, they are a little harder, because I can not get on the floor or have anything big enough to put them together. I have two grand daughter a new one came in may, so I have three,but two of them I have made them each a quilt, a;so my mother and my brother and a neice in New York has one also. I love to make things but i always give them away. I feel good when I give. My husband John is a pearl, he takes good care of me, he does everything around the house. My name is Alice and our last name is Creech. We live in Oregon and it is beutiful here. It is green all year around. It rains in the winter, pretty much all winter, some times we get some snow, I like that. Well, I guess all this din't have to much to do with crocheting, I just have the habit of talking alot. So, I bid you adue. God bless. And keep those needles a going.   your friend, Alice Creech