Monday, September 13, 2004

Promoting and More Pink

Thanks to GG's comment she posted on yesterday's entry, we have another "pink" to add for October 8th ... Yoplait is also having a Breast Cancer fundraiser ... For every pink lid consumers mail in by Dec 31, 2004, Yoplait will make a $0.10 donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (Thank you GG!!)

So this means, on October 8th we can show our support by registering to wear jeans to work (Lee Jeans/Charlie Sheen promotion); share pink M&M's; enjoy a Yoplait yogurt, AND crochet up a pink scarf from the Lion Brand Breast Cancer Scarf Kit!


And speaking of promoting ... today I did volunteer lunch duty for the 2nd Grade, and as I patrolled the classroom, I had a skein of yarn tucked under one arm as my hands quickly went to work staring a scarf that will be donated to charity. Just like last year, the kids all asked a million questions --- and were surprised to watch me continue with my crocheting as I gave them my attention, and not my work. A few of the students eventually looked really closely at their teacher and happily discovered that she was wearing a beautiful red crocheted sweater.

After the lunch was over, it was time for recess. So out we went and joined the rest of the classes out on the playground. I continued working on my scarf and was delighted when other grade students approached me and happily declared that their Mom or Grandma was a crocheter too. (So this means, if you have kids at home watching you crochet, they are, whether they admit to it or not, proud of your creations -- if only you could have heard these children raving today! Oh, I tell you, it was fantastic to hear it in their voices and see it on their faces!!)

Afterwards I went to the Craft Basket, a local store in Brookfield where I teach classes. I decided that for the CYCA's KOC2 (Knit Out & Crochet Too) Scarf Contest I'd design a special scarf with the Lion Brand's fun fur in pink...of course to help raise more awareness! The store also had the Lion Brand Breast Cancer Scarf kits, so if you're local to me and want to pick it up, it's there for $7.99

   ...At least you know what I'll be tinkering with tonight! J

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Anonymous said...

Your welcome :)
I am going to be picking up that Lion Brand Breast Cancer scarf kit and learn how to crochet :) Thanks for inspiring me and all those kids that were watching you. Thats great!