Sunday, September 5, 2004

Color in our Lives

For most of us, color is a major part of our lives.  Our holidays are marked with colors, such as Red and White for Valentines, Orange and Black for Halloween, and Green and Red for Christmas, and experts tell us how color effects our appetites (the color blue helps suppress hunger).

Regardless, we all have our favorite colors and we usually stick to them when we decorate our homes, our wardrobes, even the automobiles we drive, and especially when we crochet something for ourselves.

Me? I'm the queen of plain. I tend to like neutral colors like cream ... but I like details. The more detailed and neutral the color, the happier I seem to be.

But I've noticed something in the past couple of years ... I'm being driven to purple.  Purple!  Purple!  Purple! 

Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with purple.  In fact, I'm told that purple is the new 'black' and everyone should have purple in their wardrobe.  But what's driving me to it?  Why not green, blue, orange, or yellow?  They're great colors too, right?

Well, apparently, I've found my answer through colorstrology.  It appears that Lilac is my birth color, and since lilac is part of the purple family, it's all now starting to make sense.  When I visited the website and looked up my birth month, it stated "...for the month of February [your color is] Sheer Lilac.  Inspiring and imaginative, this color invokes the qualities of humanity and kindness."  There's more to it, and it goes on to also say that I should wear it to "...enhance [my] spirituality and compassion."

So the next time you see a lady passionately ogling over purple fibers in your local yarn shop, don't worry.  It might be me plugging into my spirituality, and I'll be compassionate enough to leave a few skeins behind.  J


Anonymous said...

<smiles> I loved that funny though..said I should surround myself with orange..that is one of my least favorite colors. hmm..might have to try it though..see if it makes a difference in how I feel.
 Around the block from where I this lady..she is known as the "purple lady" everything she owns, wears, etc it purple..even her hair..she's been on Ripplies believe it or not show before plus a few other TV programs..she's such a fun lady..I'm going to have to find out when her birthday is...hmmm...I'll be totally blown away if it's in Feb.
 Thanks for sharing that link! Ü

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being featured, I really like your journal :)
My daughter loves the color purple :)