Friday, September 24, 2004

Men Meet Monday Nights But Not to Watch Football

I'm not one to tell you who you should cast your vote for come this November, but when I read an article that states " important [Bush/Kerry] feel the sportsmen's audience is, [that it] reflects a sort of macho image that they're both anxious to exude at this time [which is something that] the International Journal of Crocheting won't," -- I can't help but raise an eyebrow and question this. (you can read the article by clicking here)

I think these two need to take a second look at what our men are doing. They're not only enjoying hunting, climbing, and sports, but as I've stated before, they're also crocheting! ... as a matter of fact, it was reported on NBC5 News that "Men Meet Monday Nights, But Not to Watch Football."

Now, I don't particularly care which of the candidates wife's' cookies win (see first article), but, if they'd like for me to be a taste tester then sign me up and pass the cookie jar my way.

But if they're going to say that what crocheters think of politicians don't count, then perhaps the pollsters should get busy because in 2002 the Craft Yarn Council of America commissioned a report by Research Inc. that found that there are some 38 million people that crochet or knit.

Hmmm ... 38 million seems to calculate to being A LOT of voters!  Perhaps the term "macho" needs to be redefined so that candidates for office can also show voters their ways of dealing with stress ... such as with grabbing a crochet hook and enjoying the rhythm of creating stitch after stitch ... something James Buchanan, our 15th President, who served from 1857-1861, knew a bit about.

PS: Peter of has graciously granted me permission to use his image from his website for this entry.  Go ahead, give him a click, er, visit!  J

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