Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Four Year Wait is Over

Four years I have hunted.  I have searched.  I have waited.  I looked high; I looked low.  I looked locally; I looked via Internet.

In the end, it was the Internet that came through -- and more specifically, an auction on ebay.

I set up one of those "auction finders" on ebay, where they notify you when a specific item you're looking for comes up for auction.  Four years.

I received an auction notification two weeks ago, checked it out, and then held my breath.  I wondered if any of the lists I belonged to would broadcast this auction.  They didn't.  I breathed a moment of relief, then held my breath again and made my bid. 

I wondered, would my bid hold?  Would someone else discover this auction and outbid me in the last nanosecond?  I mean, we're talking four years of hunting, of wanting, of wishing.

And then I got sidetracked.  Off I was, taking care of this and that, forgetting to watch the auction close ... until it was the next day.  It felt like I had rocks in my stomach as I went online and scanned my email. 

"You have 537 emails, of which 300 were just from the day before."  None of it, surprisingly, was spam.  I scrolled through my mail ... then I spotted it; an email from ebay.

                    (I won!!   Oh my!  Oh my!! I won!!  I won!!  I won!!)

I don't ever recall getting this excited over winning an auction on eBay, but there I was ready to ask my husband if we had any champagne on hand!  We didn't.  So I settled for a 'high five.'

What did I win?

The elusive, out of print, hard to find book, called "Crochet History & Technique" by Lis Paludan.  (Interweave Press; ISBN 1-883010-09-8)

Now my postgal (can't call her a man) just delivered my new treasure and as I flip through the book, page by page, I can say with no hesitation, that it was well worth the wait.  A four year wait!

What an incredible book -- just leafing through it and seeing all the pictures of antique crochet works going back to about 1500 ... Wow!!

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Anonymous said...

woo good for you and enjoy it!