Sunday, September 19, 2004

Update on Ivan's Mess

Yesterday, as the neighborhood learned to exist a bit without electricity, I spent some lovely crochet time with my daughter. She curled up next to me after choosing purple Red Heart yarn from my private stash, grabbed a hook, looked up at me and said, "I'm ready Momma, show me how to make a blanket."

Her goal is to make a blanket for her toy horse. So she created her starting chain, and I did her first row of stitches for her. In doing so, it gave her a little "meat" to hold onto. She's in the transistion of changing her technique of "finger picking" (meaning she uses her fingers to pick up the loops and take them off the hook) to "letting the hook do the work." She got an entire row of stitches done before the call for a pizza run disrupted her concentration. (BTW: my husband did the pizza run for the entire neighborhood and the kids found this quite exciting ... you know ... to get to GO somewhere where there was electricity... lol) And in case you're a new reader of my journal, my daughter is seven, and as I type this, she's back to working on her "blanket."

Our power was restored this morning, around 4:00 AM. It was a rough day toughing it without power, and more so during the evening.

Sleep? Who could with all the noise from the engines of the heavy trucks, the noise from the truck buckets going up & down, the commands being shouted from various workers ... and need I say chain saws?  But as sleepy as I am, I'm thankful that these people came out in the dead of the night and restored our electric service.

So what's next? We need to assess if anything was damaged in the basement (from the flooding) and we need to fill in areas of the lawn where the worker trucks sank in and had to "peel out" to get out of the muck. I can't do much, I'm still on a physical limitation of what I can pick up. But I can stop my crochet work now & then, point my crochet hook and offer my 2 cents.

Ivan promised to behave ... check out the rainbow (on the left) that he seemingly offered as an apology for making such a mess.

Here, the crew work during the night

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Anonymous said...

Prayers to all who were in Ivan's wrath. I'm glad that your power was restored and glad to also hear that all of you are okay.
Thats great that your daughter is showing an interest in crochet :)